About us

We put at your disposal one of the most unique nature’s product in the world: Mānuka honey
which we collect exclusively from our associate beekeepers in New Zealand, all of them committed to good beekeeping practices in favour of the environment, sustainability and nature of this product.
In addition, we carry out the strictest quality controls in accredited laboratories to guarantee the highest quality and purity of every single batch of our Mānuka honey.

The origin

Apiscent Honey emerged in 2010 when two friends with a long experience in the beekeeping sector discovered Mānuka honey, a wonderful product of nature with unique antimicrobial properties.
From that moment, they focused on researching this golden liquid, traveling to the origin to understand more deeply how this unique food was produced and what its health benefits were.

After this research, they took as a mission to help their customers to obtain Mānuka honey with the highest possible quality, always guaranteeing food safety and the maximum purity that this product deserves.


Today, at Apiscent Honey we have a large number of associated beekeepers who always work under the same premise: good beekeeping practices.

In this way, we ensure that our Mānuka honey maintains the purity and quality with which it is produced by our bees in the hive throughout the entire production process.

Unique source

These beekeepers are located in different areas of New Zealand, placing their hives in the most remote parts of the country so that their bees collecting area has the highest concentration of Mānuka trees.

The places are so remote that sometimes they need to access them using a helicopter.


Once harvested by the beekeepers, the honey is transported with the least possible impact to our production centres to then be analysed, classified and stored.

Later, in order to make the batches, the honey is mixed in homogenization tanks so that all the honey belonging to the same batch has exactly the same quality.

We keep all honey input records and samples of all final batches and sublots from our beekeepers for at least 2 years to ensure complete traceability.

Quality guarantee

All the honey produced and marketed by Apiscent Honey is analysed in accredited laboratories according to the standards of the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to guarantee its authenticity to our customers, as well as the highest food safety.

Where are we?

Our official headquarters are located in Tulcea, Romania, close to the wild forests where our beekeeping activity firstly started.

However, our stock is stored in our main logistics centre, which is strategically located in Amsterdam. This allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients in a very efficient way, supplying their demands as quickly as possible.

Why choose us?

Spot sales are always welcome, of course! But our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients. For this reason, our only focus is their satisfaction, and based on this premise we have designed our business model, which is based on the following:


– Production process control.
We control the entire production process from the hive until the honey is received in our warehouse in Europe. We work so that our beekeepers produce according to on of the best beekeeping practices and we confection the honey carefully to guarantee a clean and good homogenization.

– Analytic control. We analyse the honey in all the critical stages of the process: upon arrival at the warehouse (raw material), before and after homogenization, and upon arrival in Europe. With this we guarantee the fulfilment of our clients’ requirements in addition to food safety and product purity, key elements in the food sector.


– Adequate stock level
. Timings are essential, that is why we maintain an adequate level of stock in Europe that allows us to satisfy not only the recurring orders of our clients, but also their unexpected demands, preventing them from breaking stock and ceasing to serve their sales channels.

– Problem-solving mentality. We focus on avoiding problems throughout the entire process, but should any arise, we work hard to resolve them in the most efficient way.

– Technical assistance. Our technical team is always available to solve all the doubts that our clients may have about the products.


Our clients are much more than clients, they are partners, so we base our relationship with them on trust, being sincere and transparent to help them make the best strategic and commercial decisions.

    Customer profitability

We work to achieve the most convenient prices for our products without refusing to quality and service, allowing our clients to make available to the consumer a high-quality product at a competitive price, while maximizing their profitability. We strongly believe in the win-win model: if our clients grow, we will grow too!